About the Society

The Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches was established according to Austrian Law on September 28, 1969. The organizational center of the Society is the Department for Legal Philosophy (formerly the Institute for Canon Law) of the Viennese Faculty of Law. The purpose of the Society is the promotion of better international and inter-confessional scholarly collaboration among specialists of the Law of the Eastern Churches and of the Civil Law on Churches insofar as it concerns the Eastern Churches.



President:  Professor Astrid Kaptijn

President Emeritus:  His Grace Kyrillos (Katerelos) Bishop of Abydos

Vice-President:  Professor Dr. Lewis Patsavos


Professor Mihail Constantinescu
Rev. Professor Pablo Gefaell
Professor Dr. Péter Szabό


Secretary General:  Deacon Bartholomew Mercado

Vice-Secretary:  Dr. David Heith-Stade

Treasurer:  DDr. Mag. Thomas Németh


Hon. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schinkele  

Dr. Valeria Heuberger

Seat of the Society

Institut für Rechtsphilosophie
Schenkenstraße 8-10
4. Stock, Stiege 2
1010 Wien, 

The Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches 

Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches 
c/o Department for Legal Philosophy

Institut für Rechtsphilosophie

Schenkenstraße 8-104. Stock, Stiege 2

1010 Wien, Austria


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