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Kanon I:

"The Ancient Sources of Eastern Canon Law in the Present Time"

  • Ioannis Anastasiou - Can All the Ancient Canons be Valid Today?, 35

  • Bartholomew Archondonis - A Common Code for the Orthodox Churches, 45

  • Charles de Clercq - Ministre et sujet des sacrements dans les anciens Canons et aujourd'hui, 54

  • Neophytos Edelby - L'authentique tradition orientale et le decret de Vatican II sur les églises orientales catholiques, 59

  • Alphonse Pandinjare Kanjirathinkal - The Juridical Status of the Syro-Malabar Church in Relation to its Ancient Sources, 70

  • Tiran Nersoyan - A Brief Outline of the Armenian Liber Canonum and its Status in Modern Times, 76

  • Panteleimon Rodopoulos - The Ancient Church Canons and the New Greek Church Legislation, 87

  • Salib Sourial - The Sources of the Modern Canon Law (Personal Statute) of the Coptic Orthodox Church, 96

  • A. Paulos Tzadua - The Ancient Law of the Kings - The Fetha Nagast - in the Actual Practics of the Established Ethiopian Orthodox Church, 112

  • Ivan Žužek - The Ancient Oriental Sources of Canon Law and the Modern Legislation for Oriental Catholics, 147

Verlag Herder, Wien 1973

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